When we are not being Punny on the local repeater we go down the road of using acronyms as not everybody knows the meaning of them.  Here are a few of the main ones, I'll add more as we use them.


BOHICA (Boe He Ka) Bend Over Here It Comes Again

SNAFU (Snaf Fu) Situation Normal All Fouled Up

FUBAR (Fu Bar) F’ed Up Beyond Recognition

KISS (Kiss) Keep It Simple Stupid

TGIF (spoken as initials) Toes Go In First or Thank God It’s Friday

SHIT (spoken as Sure Happy It’s any day/time that starts with “T”) see examples:

  • Tuesday (Monday it over or Humpday/Wednesday will soon be here)
  • Thursday (Soon will be Friday or I have until Friday)
  • Today (It is almost over)
  • Tonight (I have a little more time)
  • Tomorrow (I have this afternoon and tonight to work on it)
  • Thanksgiving (all these people will go home soon or I can go home soon)
  • Twelve O'clock (the day is half over)
  • Two o'clock (just a little longer until quitting time)