It is Fall Back Sunday. Sunday 11/6 at 2:00 AM

First: Set your clocks back an hour and while you have out your step ladder, proceed to step two.

Second: Check those smoke alarm batteries or just replace them with known new/fresh/good ones.

For those that want to add a little Cha-cha-cha to their Texas Two Step here is step three.

Third:, Take those old smoke alarm batteries that should only be a few months old from when you did the "Spring Forward version of the Texas Two Step".  Now put those batteries in your battery backed up alarm clock(s).

Turn and Test Fall Back

Inspiration and Red Cross graphic for this article came from Kevin, KF5FUZ.


I did the Grand Slam this morning, not the Denny's version...  I only had to drag the step ladder around once to get the following items done: 

  • Set back all wall clocks
  • Change 3 smoke detector batteries
  • Changed 2 Air Conditioner filters (they are close to the smoke detectors)
  • Put the old smoke detector batteries into our two battery backed up alarm clocks