Sometimes we have to share the .94 frequency with Houston, San Antonio, and/or Fort Worth.  Here is a short list of alternate repeaters to program your radio(s) to and a suggested memory channel number so you can quickly jump to the right frequency. Note that the (dot digit-digit) of the repeater becomes the channel number.  This works nicely on the 2M band.

Frequency  PL Tone  Offset  Info  Channel
 146.900  none  -600Khz  3M repeater, wide area coverage, no tone 90
 146.880  107.2  -600Khz  AARC repeater, Pickel Research Facility 88
 147.360  131.8 +600Khz  Next door to the .94 but no shadow 36
 146.640  162.2  -600Khz  WCARC repeater, Georgetown, linked to Taylor .45 64
 145.450  162.2  -600Khz  WCARC repeater, Taylor, linked to Georgetown .64 45
 147.280  100.0  +600Khz  NA6M repeater, Georgetown, wide area coverage  28