Wolf Brand Texas Recipe With BeansOne of our long-time discussions/debates is, "Does a good bowl of Texas chili have beans or not"?  And if so how many beans...  I prefer that there be no more than 239 beans per batch of chili...  If you put just one more than 239 it becomes too farty... You may have to say too farty out loud to get it...

Some say if you add beans that makes it stew?


Our second most talked about topic is the 3 pound cinnamon bun.

Yes, a full 3 pound cinnamon bun baked fresh that day...  Served on a plate with a steak knife so you can cut off a piece and share...  A perfect snack with your favorite friends...



Then there are the puns.

Everybody enjoys a good pun and sometimes we laugh until our giga hertz.

Here is a link to an article about some punny t-shirts I found on the web. 




Everybody is welcome, come join us.

Please join in on the fun during our drive time commutes to and from work...  


These and many more are our claim to fame.

This website is to let those of us that find a topic that needs that extra little bit of data to login and add links...  


Things to come:

  • Calendar of ham radio related events in TX
  • Times and meeting places for local meetings.
  • Info on Field Day.
  • Info on Ham Classes and Exams.
  • Info on the TCARES mobile command post.