Austin Amateur Radio Support Group to start holding meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX.

Due to the current health risk, meetings are held online using Zoom. Meeting details are sent to registered AARSG members. If you are not a registered member, contact an officer for meeting details.  All are welcome.

Amateur Radio Support Group
My name is Zelijlo, I'm a Ham, and I buy radios I don't need. 



4 food groupsAs Hams, we are always learning and teaching things.  In our youth, we learned the Four Basic Food Groups; Meat, Dairy, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables.  As we grew older and wiser we learned a second Four Food Groups; Fast, Frozen, Canned, and Take-Out.

Now if during COVID-19 you are the one children are coming to for answers you better think twice before just shooting from the hip with an answer.  While it may be fun to make the teacher and the students laugh at your answer repeating the grade or going to summer school is not funny.

I remember my 3rd-grade teacher telling us, "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  I quickly replied, I thought it was 1493 Columbus sailed the deep blue sea.  Half the class got it wrong and somehow it was my fault.


Gary Hoffman KB0HI just stumbled into the works of a great author, Gary Ross Hoffman KB0H.  He has a bunch of articles on his website and links to many that are posted on the ARRL website. They are both funny and educational and I know I'll have to read ALL of them in the next few weeks. Gary has cranked out articles for 19 years.

Start with his home page and then his list of columns.


For those that wish to take FEMA or TDEM classes this site is very cool as it shows you when, & where classes are being held. It also lets you sign up for them and upload your certificates afterward.


Sometimes a thought comes together and works out like it is supposed to. The photo below shows how that comes to be!

The picture is used with permission from Shawn Thomas - KG5RHR.


We, but mostly Stuart and Nicole, spend way too much time talking about Legos and the Lego movies.

But now I've found Legos every ham should have and you can get them at Fry's here in Austin but hurry they are on clearance.


I also found this one for those that like vintage radio equipment that glows in the dark.


But for the DYI crowd here is a link how to make your own tube USB stick for a fraction of the sticker price of a commercial one.  Plus, as with with almost any Ham Radio project, it comes complete with bragging rights that I built it myself.


I guess it's time for Stuart to go make some more Lego Money.

Today during our morning comute I made a comment on how you can remember when, E, voltage leads, I, current in an, L, inductive or, C. capacitive circuit.

The phase to remember is, ELI the ICE man.

In an L inductive circuit; E leads I. (see how E leads L and I lags in the name ELI).

In a Capacitive circuit; I leads E.  (See how I leads C and E lags in the word ICE).

The phrase uses the same letters we use for Ohms law and math problems so the only thing to learn is the phase.

Due to the problematic triplexer at the top of the 146.940 hardline and limited coverage the Drive Time Chatter bunch have made a shift from the 94 in the mornings to the 147.280 (PL=100.0) repeater in Georgetown.  The afternoon Drive Time starts out on the 94 but may switch to the 28 or some other repeater.

The morning drive time starts a little before 5:00 AM and ends around 7:00 AM.  

The afternoon drive time starts around 3:30 PM and ends around 5:30 PM.

This is very informative website with a lot of manuals and mods for a variety of radio's! I hope you enjoy it!

ships clockDrive Time Chatter has been EXTENDED.  

First, Drive Time now starts at 5:00 AM with a few early birds.  Second, we have extended the afternoon Drive Time until 5:30 PM.

Second, we have extended the afternoon Drive Time until 5:30 PM.

Third, we have added two daytime informal chatter nets.  The first one is at 8:30 - 9:00 AM and the lunch time chatter net is from 12:00 noon until 1:00 PM.

All are welcome to join us.


So you find yourself with a little time to kill after the big rain because somebody decided it was OK to leave the excavator overnight in a low spot.  Then while you watch the water slowly evaporate you remember you have water skies, rope, and a whole bunch of red neck buddies you want to impress.  Follow the link, note beer and other adult beverages were also involved.

Mud Hole Water Skiing 

Track Hoe Skiing in Saluda, SC

For those of us that must start the morning with a cup of Joe I spotted this logo for DX Coffee logo on a random QRZ profile page.  One quick Google search and I found that the logo is used everywhere.  I suspect somebody has thought of how to make a K-cup version.  Or at least print stick on labels and paste them over their favorite K-cup.

DXCOFEEE LOGO  K cup carousel 

Sometimes we have to share the .94 frequency with Houston, San Antonio, and/or Fort Worth.  Here is a short list of alternate repeaters to program your radio(s) to and a suggested memory channel number so you can quickly jump to the right frequency. Note that the (dot digit-digit) of the repeater becomes the channel number.  This works nicely on the 2M band.

Frequency  PL Tone  Offset  Info  Channel
 146.900  none  -600Khz  3M repeater, wide area coverage, no tone 90
 146.880  107.2  -600Khz  AARC repeater, Pickel Research Facility 88
 147.360  131.8 +600Khz  Next door to the .94 but no shadow 36
 146.640  162.2  -600Khz  WCARC repeater, Georgetown, linked to Taylor .45 64
 145.450  162.2  -600Khz  WCARC repeater, Taylor, linked to Georgetown .64 45
 147.280  100.0  +600Khz  NA6M repeater, Georgetown, wide area coverage  28

Wolf Brand Texas Recipe With BeansOne of our long-time discussions/debates is, "Does a good bowl of Texas chili have beans or not"?  And if so how many beans...  I prefer that there be no more than 239 beans per batch of chili...  If you put just one more than 239 it becomes too farty... You may have to say too farty out loud to get it...

Some say if you add beans that makes it stew?


Our second most talked about topic is the 3 pound cinnamon bun.

Yes, a full 3 pound cinnamon bun baked fresh that day...  Served on a plate with a steak knife so you can cut off a piece and share...  A perfect snack with your favorite friends...



Then there are the puns.

Everybody enjoys a good pun and sometimes we laugh until our giga hertz.

Here is a link to an article about some punny t-shirts I found on the web. 




Everybody is welcome, come join us.

Please join in on the fun during our drive time commutes to and from work...  


These and many more are our claim to fame.

This website is to let those of us that find a topic that needs that extra little bit of data to login and add links...  


Things to come:

  • Calendar of ham radio related events in TX
  • Times and meeting places for local meetings.
  • Info on Field Day.
  • Info on Ham Classes and Exams.
  • Info on the TCARES mobile command post.